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Client Blogroll Appreciation Shout Out

thank you
Photo by Virginia L., used with permission under Creative Common attribution 2.o licensing

We All Love Our Clients, Right?

I know I do! This week I’ve asked my clients if they would write a little testimonial for me that they can post to their socials, and which of course I would pick up and, when I get around to it (which is admittedly not often enough), would add to my little ol’ web site here.

But today I was thinking really I should be posting a shout out of appreciation for my lovely clients! After all, were it not for them, I wouldn’t be here doing what I do, would I? So here with much gratitude, I am saying…

Thank You!

…to my wonderful clients!

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Facebook Shout Out from Rick Teisan, Realtor

Many thanks to Rick Teisan, who left this nice little shout out for me on his Facebook page.  Rick is a realtor in Desert Hot Springs, CA and also reps in the greater Coachella Valley area.


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